Homework Policy for 5th Grade

Studentshave nightly homework, Monday-Friday. Homework assignments are checked off daily and are reviewed inclass. Those students who returnhomework completed and on-time will receive 2 tickets daily. Conversely, those students to fail to returnhomework completed and on-time, are "benched" at recess until their work isfinished and must "pay" 2 tickets. Students that repeatedly fail to return homework will result in alowered homework grade. Students areexpected to return daily homework assignments in their Agendas and show it toparents each evening.

Vocabulary: Wordslists are given to each student on Mondays. Every night, there is assigned vocabulary homework. A vocabulary (spelling AND definition) testis given every Friday.

Math:Dailyassignments are given either from the math textbook or the workbook. Students are expected to "show work" orexplanations to their answers in order to receive full homework credit.

HomeReading: Fifthgraders are expected to read 30 minutes per night, Monday-Friday. Students should make record of what they readnightly. Parents must sign the WeeklyReading Log and send with their child every Monday.

Writing/Social Studies/Science: Homework assignments are given inthese subjects, occasionally. A due dateis given based on the individual assignment.

WeeklyProgress Reports & Weekly Reading Logs: These forms are due every Mondaymorning. The Weekly Progress Reports mustbe signed by a parent ONLY if it is HIGHLIGHTED. The Weekly Reading Log MUST be signed EVERYWEEK.

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