Counseling Corner


Counselor Corner

The mission of John Muir's Counseling program is to ensure that all students will have access to a comprehensive school counseling program that incorporates prevention and intervention activities through developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons, intentional guidance groups, inpidual counseling and problem solving groups. We strive for all students to reach their academic, career and personal potential, and ensure that all students have access to challenging coursework that will help them transition successfully to high school.

Our counselor is here to support all of our students. Counselors are staff that students can talk to about life at school, questions/concerns about classes or student activities, and about difficulties with peer relationships. Additionally, counselors can meet with students to discuss how to choose the most appropriate pathway, whether college or career.

Transition to High School

Counselors are available to assist students in their transition to high school and selecting the appropriate courses based on students' desired plan. The Counseling Center has important information available, such as how to be successful in high school,*district graduation requirements, student activities, available resources at the high school, and much more!

Counselors Are Here to Help!

Mrs. Edzant, our counselor, has specialized training to help students solve and avoid problems, make appropriate decisions for themselves and towards peers, and teaching students to stand up for themselves in a positive, healthy way. And while Counselors cannot make all problems disappear, they are here to work with students and help them to cope with daily challenges they may face. Mrs. Edzant is able to meet with students inpidually, in groups or with parents/guardians. When necessary, she can also refer students to other professionals for further assistance.

Our goal as a school is to ensure that students have the best experience at Muir, helping them advocate for themselves in finding the solutions for any of their needs!

San Unified School District Graduation Requirements


Hotline for Mental Health Emergency: (800) 479-3339


Name: Leah Edzant
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone number: 619-605-4000 Ext. 143